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  • This trauma-informed approach is designed to give members more choice, information, and support in the moments they need it most

    Sydney, Australia, Jan. 27, 2021 - Following several months of advisory work with RAINN, Tinder is rolling out a new approach to handling reports of serious abuse and harassment. This new...

    27 January 2022
  • Sydney, Australia (Jan 19, 2022): Tinder Australia has dropped its Top 100 Dating Anthems list, based on the most popular anthems on Aussie Tinder profiles in 2021. About 40% of all Gen Z members...

    19 January 2022
  • Gen Z in Australia, #MatchYourVibe to find someone to share your 2022 goals with

    SYDNEY, 27 DECEMBER 2021: The “new year, new me” energy is just around the corner, and so is Dating Sunday. Every year, Dating Sunday hits the top spot as one of the ‘busiest days’ on...

    27 December 2021
  • New Audio Feature with Spotify Makes Connections More Personal

    Sydney, Australia. (Dec 9, 2021) — Explore, the new interactive space on Tinder, has already become the hottest place to be, with more than 80% of members visiting since launching in the Fall....

    09 December 2021
  • SYDNEY, 6 DECEMBER 2021: If 2019 had us face-palming at the state of the world

    06 December 2021
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