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  • Situationships, Shared Values and Social Issues Were the Top Green Flags for a New Generation of Daters That Are Done Wasting Their Time

    Sydney, Australia - November 28, 2022 — Let’s be real, 2021 wasn’t the return to IRL we thought it would be - a mask was still your most steadfast accessory and you sought out vaccination...

    29 November 2022
  • Being ‘ghosted’ isn't fun and can leave daters feeling confused, let-down or both. Ahead of Halloween, Tinder is urging all singletons to think twice before ‘ghosting’ and instead...

    13 November 2022
  • Tinder announces Victorian town of Daylesford, as the future home of the Big Rainbow

    (October 5, 2022) - Australia has voted and Tinder has today announced that Daylesford, the rainbow capital of Victoria, has been named as the future home of The Big Rainbow. The regional town...

    05 October 2022
  • Tinder has revealed that Aussies are pressing start on video game date nights, in the hopes to find the Mario to their Princess Peach, the Dina to their Ellie or the Link to their Zelda.

    Following the COVID lockdowns, the upturn in gaming continues to reach new peaks with Aussies increasingly turning to Tinder to find their fellow gamers and with many opting for a virtual catchup...

    03 October 2022
  • Love might not cost a thing, but young singles looking to date as prices rise are definitely feeling the pressure.

    Tinder called it early last year in March: in The Future of Dating report, the world’s most popular dating app noted how post-pandemic, singles increasingly preferred more casual and creative...

    28 August 2022
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