Tinder takes connections to cosmic heights and breaks down the Astro barriers for Aussie blokes
World’s most popular dating app, Tinder, and astrologer Matt Galea team up to create the Bloke’s Guide To Astrology x Dating

AUSTRALIA, March 14, 2024 — What star signs are you most compatible with? Why should we be wary of Mars’ movements? For many singles, especially men, when your date starts talking about astrology, they may as well be speaking a foreign language. Tinder has partnered with astrologer and author Matt Galea to launch the Bloke’s Guide To Astrology x Dating, a 101 guide for guys with out-of-this-world tips and advice. 

Interest in astrology has skyrocketed with ‘zodiac’ a top 5 descriptor amongst Aussie women and men making it a perfect conversation starter, now with a little extra help from Matt for the blokes. With 30% of Gen Zs globally admitting to checking a match’s star sign before going on a date and 42% of Aussies believing star sign compatibility is important, the guide helps singletons gain a better understanding on the connection between astrology and dating. The game-changing guys’ guide is designed to help those who may not be spiritually savvy to have confidence in this topic and, ultimately, spark more meaningful conversations and connections.

Along with an Astro edition of Tinder’s Dating Dictionary – a comprehensive A to Z of astrological dating terms that demystifies what it means when ‘Mercury is in retrograde’, what your ‘rising sign’ is, and more, the guide clues blokes in on topics like: 

  • How to better understand your zodiac sign (looking at you, Leo!) 

  • How to schmooze different star signs

  • What makes different star signs tick and ick

  • How colourful rocks, aka crystals, will ground you 

Matt Galea says, “Knowing even a little about astrology can make a massive difference in a dating setting. We’ve all been there, so to be able to share my passion and help blokes have these conversations on and off Tinder is really exciting. It’s not just what’s going on cosmically – it’s about understanding what people of different signs tend to want, how to respond to that, and being able to forge more meaningful connections with your date, whatever their sign is.”

Kirsty Dunn, Director of Communications for Tinder in Australia, says, “We know how important good profiles are, and adding interests and lifestyle choices are key. Our Bloke’s Guide to Astrology x Dating encourages guys to embrace astrology without fear and to give their profiles a zodiac update. It’ll help know the best opening line to use on a passionate Scorpio, how to respond when their match says they’re ‘Mars Ascendant’, or get the same fluttery feeling when they realise that their match is a Pisces and highly compatible. Zodiac is already a top 5 interest amongst both Aussie women and men, so using the stars could be the perfect conversation starter and a definite profile enhancer.” 

Interestingly, global Tinder data has found that: 

  • Leos are the most proud and likely to flex their zodiac on their profile, as well as their job title, which is aligned with their ambitious and confident personality trait

  • Capricorns are most likely to be looking for long-term relationships and text the most 

  • As one of the more charming star signs, Librans on Tinder are the most proud to be social media maestros and shamelessly shout that they’re “socially active” on their profile descriptor 

  • The star signs gaining the most likes on the app are Virgo, Gemini, and Libra

Aussie Tinder data has found that:

  • Top 5 star signs who added their zodiac to their profiles for Aussie male users:

    • Leo

    • Scorpio

    • Cancer

    • Taurus

    • Libra 

  • Top 5 star signs who added their zodiac signs to their profiles for Aussie female users:

    • Leo 

    • Libra

    • Gemini

    • Virgo 

    • Taurus

The Bloke’s Guide to Astrology x Dating, and Dating Dictionary: Astrology Edition is now available to download HERE and will shortly be available as a new module on School of Swipe - Tinder’s digital wingmate that educates singletons to build confidence as they seek out new connections, and provides guidance on the online-to-offline dating journey. Guys get downloading, and women get sharing with their bloke friends!



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About Matt Galea

Matt Galea is an author, editor and astrologer with over ten years of experience in Australian media. He recently published his first book, a spicy guide to astrology and relationship compatibility titled 'How To Spot The (Star) Signs'. He is the Managing Editor of PEDESTRIAN.TV and has worked at some of Australia's most iconic print and digital brands. He is a trusted source in all things astrology, mysticism and lifestyle and is often called upon by media outlets and companies to act as an oracle of sorts.

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