Tinder® launches latest phase of consent education drive in Australia
Tinder® announces its revamped Dating Dictionary: Consent Edition with Chanel Contos and reveals a new consent course launching in September

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA (JUNE 7, 2024): Tinder, the world’s most popular dating app, has launched an updated version of its Dating Dictionary: Consent Edition in Australia, developed in partnership with Teach Us Consent Founder and consent advocate, Chanel Contos. Reinforcing its ongoing commitment to creating a fun, safe, and respectful experience, Tinder has also announced the development of an online Consent Course for Aussie daters that will be available on its School of Swipe later this year.

Tinder has released an updated version of its Dating Dictionary: Consent Edition following the recent launch of the Australian Government’s Consent Framework to help promote healthy sexual relationships and consent to young people. Tinder’s latest guide features updated definitions of key consent terms, outlines the five key concepts of consent, and includes examples of ways to incorporate consent checks into people’s dating routines.



Research conducted by Tinder and YouGov in Australia illustrates a clear need for better education on consent. According to Tinder’s research, 55%* of Aussie Gen Z and Millennial dating app users are confident that they know ‘very well’ what consent is. While 45%* say they know ‘something’ or admit they know ‘little or nothing’ about consent, demonstrating the ongoing need for consent education.

Tinder has announced it is also working with Chanel to develop a free and first-of-its-kind consent course which will go live on its School of Swipe resource in September. The multimedia educational course will provide reliable and authentic guidance to address the complexities of consent in relationships amongst young Australian adults via a series of modules featuring Chanel Contos.

Tinder’s Communications Director in Australia, Kirsty Dunn comments, “Clearly defining what is - and what isn’t - consent, is essential to help keep Aussies safe. Our Tinder Dating Dictionary: Consent Edition V2 not only defines key consent terms but also puts these into context and shares practical ways to apply consent check-ins throughout the dating journey.

“We’re also really excited to work with Chanel Contos on developing our upcoming consent course as part of our continued commitment to giving Aussie daters the tools required to communicate clearly and build healthy relationships. User safety is at the core of what we do. It all started with mutual matching, we don’t allow photos or links to be exchanged in our chat and we have a range of safety features to help encourage better behaviour and to make dating safer. With so many of today’s dating interactions now starting with a Swipe™, we want to ensure they are safe and consensual, above all.”

Teach Us Consent Founder and consent advocate, Chanel Contos said: “I’m proud to be working with Tinder to help educate young Aussies on such an important issue. Tinder’s research clearly shows there is a need to continue to educate the nation on consent from words such as fawning or stealthing, to the ways in which to ask for, give, and revoke consent. The Dating Dictionary: Consent Edition - and the consent course to come – help set the record straight so that young daters can enter relationships more respectfully and with a clearer understanding of what consent concepts mean and how to respect boundaries."

As dating continues to evolve and Gen Z daters in particular push for greater authenticity, Tinder is committed to supporting real, authentic connections in an easy and fun experience via its suite of industry-leading safety features and ongoing education on healthy dating habits. To access Tinder’s Dating Dictionary: Consent Edition V2, click here or view it on School of Swipe here. Tinder’s Consent Course will be available to Australian daters on Tinder’s School of Swipe microsite in September.

*Findings sourced from a YouGov study conducted online in June 2023. The total sample comprised 2,024 Australians aged 18-40 who have ever used dating apps.

ASSET FOLDER including the Tinder Dating Dictionary: Consent Edition V2 for Australia


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Chanel Contos is the founder and CEO of Teach Us Consent, a campaign that was responsible for mandating consent education in Australia. Teach Us Consent continues to advocate for and provide holistic consent education. Chanel has worked closely with politicians from across the politician spectrum, including Prime Ministers, to achieve significant reforms in Australia. She obtained a First in her Masters in Gender, Education and International Development, and her work to prevent normalised sexual violence has been celebrated and recognised internationally. She consults for Match Group (including Tinder) in violence prevention and safety.