Tinder Introduces Relationship Goals and encourages you to #GRWM for the Busiest Swipe™ Day of the Year
New profile feature helps members match with more intention and less small talk, plus expert tips and tricks to maximise your main character energy in time for Dating Sunday.

SYDNEY, JANUARY 3, 2023 - Dating Sunday marks one of the busiest days of the dating calendar year with 10% more singletons on Tinder than usual, 35% higher Swipe activity and over 30% more matches than on a regular day1. Singletons that are full of new year resolutions jump onto Tinder in the hopes of meeting their match. Tinder has revealed that during the month of January, Sundays are the most popular days for members to edit their bios and add new photos2. In fact, in January 2022 Dating Sunday saw 12 Tinder bios per second being edited and 25 new photos added every second2, on average across the globe. 


To make it easier than ever for daters to put their best foot forward on the first big date of the year, Tinder is rolling out Relationship Goals, a new profile feature that lets members signal what they’re looking for. Whether they’re down for new friends, here for a fling, or want to cuff it, members now have more control over who they connect with by having more insight into a potential match's intentions.  


It’s no secret that today’s new generation of daters are changing the dating rules. Tinder’s 2022 Year in Swipe showed that singles are looking for loyalty, open-mindedness, and respect in a match, and embracing casual - yet clearly defined - situationships as the default relationship status. Recent testing of the feature in select markets showed that more than 50%3 of members have added Relationship Goals on their profiles - transparency is definitely hot.


How Relationship Goals Works: 

  • Tinder members can tap into their profile settings to choose from six intent options: Long-term partner; Long-Term, open to short; Short-term, open to long; Short-term fun; New friends; or Still figuring it out.
  • As members are on the app, they’ll be able to see what potential matches have selected on their profiles and make better connections for all the right reasons
  • And, because we know things can change quickly, members will receive a prompt every week checking in that their Relationship Goals selections are still what they’re looking for


Relationship Goals is now available to all members in Australia.


Get Ready With Me Tinder Edition 


To support Aussie members’ new year, new me energy, Tinder has also partnered with certified dating and life coach, and human behavioural expert, Samantha Jayne to share her #GRWM-style rituals for your Tinder bios and top dating tips. From matching with more intention and flexing your conversational muscles, Samantha is sharing her tips on how to pep up your profile and set your dating “A” game before the busiest dating day of the calendar year. 


Tinder is also making it even easier to share more about yourself with heaps of new tags to add to your profile, including your family plans, love style, drinking and sleeping habits, dietary preferences and more.


Dating and relationships expert Samantha Jayne, who has worked in the field for over 15 years, said: “The start of a new year is always such an exciting time, with singles ready and raring to make 2023 better than ever. Dating Sunday is the perfect time for Aussies to really set new intentions for dating in the year ahead. It’s important for daters to set themselves up for success, as some people underestimate the power of a great profile – and I’m pleased to be working with Tinder to share what I’ve loved and learnt over the past decade.”


Tinder Australia spokesperson, Kirsty Dunn said: “With the new year almost here, Tinder is encouraging members to shake things up a bit and take on these tips to refresh bios, review passions and interests, and revamp profile photos! As we saw in this year’s Year in Swipe report, Aussies are becoming increasingly transparent in setting their intentions upfront. So what better way, and time, to start your new year of dating than getting your profile fit and ready and jumping onto Tinder for Dating Sunday.  Everyone is online and active after the holidays, and armed with new resolutions and open to the opportunities. Relationship Goals gives members more control over their interactions and allows them to match with more intention, without missing out on a connection they wouldn’t have made anywhere else.” 



Samantha’s Tips: The Guide To Online Dating Success to Get More Matches this Dating Sunday


Your online dating profile needs to represent you in the best possible light, just like if you are selling a property you take nice photos, clean it, style it, paint it, make it look its best and have a summary of benefits that captivate a potential buyer. Your dating profile needs to be the same. Be your best version and captivate your potential dates. So here are a few tips to help you create an incredible online dating profile that gets results! 


1. Bio perfection 

  • Standout by having an engaging bio that reveals enough about you to paint a picture, but also creates an element of intrigue and mystery. Make your profile fun, light-hearted and approachable so that it’s super easy to strike up a conservation with you
  • TINDER TIP: Try to stay away from using the most popular bio of all time: “Here for a good time, not a long time.” Trust us, it does not help your chances.
  • TINDER TIP: 40% of members between the ages of 18-25 have their anthem on their profile and experienced nearly a 10% increase in matches


2. A picture says a thousand words 

  • Your first photo is the most important because it’s your first impression. The right photo will give you endless opportunities so make sure it is a high quality image that represents you realistically. Plus no tigers, fish or blurry photos! 
  • TINDER TIP: Give your profile some edge by connecting your IG, so new pics will automatically upload as you post them on your grid – work smarter, not harder. You can also add a two second video loop.


3. Photo safety and verification 

  • Make sure to verify your own profile and connect with others who are photo-verified themselves - it’s a lot safer
  • Here’s a step-by-step guide of the Photo Verification feature on Tinder.
  • TINDER TIP: Profiles with the blue check are more likely to receive more matches.


4. Match with more intention

  • Rather than dating for the sake of random dating, get clear on what you want and set your goals and intentions. Focus on profiles of people that match some of your hobbies and interests and keep an eye out for red, beige and green flags. 


5. Don’t focus on all the things you don’t want in your bio

  • Keep your profile positive and keep your negotiables and non-negotiables to yourself


6. Ask engaging questions 

  • Try to avoid the generic, “Hey, how are you?” and focus on common ground. Talk about things you're passionate about, but avoid talking about work or anything stressful off the bat.


7. Don’t be a penpal. Get to a date 

  • There is a fine line between getting straight to a date vs. being a penpal
  • Build an emotional connection with messages and then get out and meet each other when you’re feeling comfortable to do so. If you talk too long, it can result in ghosting. 


8. Know that everyone is different

  • I  apply the principle of The Four Types of people. Some are Alphas, Charmers/Entertainers, Girl/Guy Next Door and The Intellect:
  • Alphas: Dominant, driven and confident. You can identify them as they’re outcome focused -they want to get you on the date fast
  • Charmers/Entertainers: Outgoing, optimistic, playful and gets FOMO. They love excitement, so connect through witty conversations, spontaneous adventures and lots of fun! 
  • Girl/Guy Next Door: Loves predictability, stability, family and harmony, values loyalty and dislikes conflict or sudden change. They tend to move slower so you’ll need to connect with this person for a longer period of time before going on a date. This person isn’t into games, so if you’re interested let them know. 
  • The Intellect: Is reserved and likes to think things overYou will likely chat for a longer period of time before a date is arranged.  This person can overthink so be consistent, no games and be prepared to take your time. 
  • If you understand each type, then you will know where to talk about the big picture or detail whether they love variety and adventure or certainty


9. Be safe

  • Take things slow, make sure you get to know your date over time before jumping straight in. 
  • Meet in a public place and tell your friends where you are going. 
  • Never reveal any personal information such as your work location, home address or regular routine such as your favourite hang outs. 
  • Visit Tinder’s in-app safety centre for more safety tips. 


10. Report inappropriate behaviour

  • Always report inappropriate behaviour 
  • To report someone before you match, go to their profile > tap the ellipses icon and select the option to Report 
  • To report someone after you match, open the message screen > tap the ellipses icon or the grey shield icon and select the option to Report.