Tinder's 2019 Year in Swipe®

Sydney, December 05, 2019 - Introducing The Year In Swipe – a look at the biggest and most talked about topics for Gen Z in all of 2019. This isn’t your average ‘year in review’ wrap report, but a deep dive into the way Gen Z connects. Whether it’s touting causes in their bios or mentioning phrases like climate change and the environment, it’s clear that Gen Z connects over changing the world. Check out our Year in Swipe Video and everything else we’ve learned about Gen Z this year!

Show What You Stan For

Gen Z was more likely to mention causes or missions than travel in their bios in contrast to Millennials who were 3x more likely to talk travel. Phrases like “climate change,” “social justice,” “the environment” and “gun control” topped the list of what Gen Z care about.

A Facepalm Year

If Tinder was any indication, 2019 was a Facepalm of a year. While over 300 million emojis were used in Tinder bios in 2019, one rising star really caught our attention: the Facepalm.
saw a whopping 41% increase in usage in Tinder bios this year – whether it’s Aunt Becky buying her kids’ way into college or spotting a Grande Latte in Westeros, there was plenty that made us in 2019.

Lizzo and the JoBros

The next generation of daters is looking to connect over everything from female superheroes (Captain Marvel, Lizzo, Elizabeth Warren) and mother nature (Green New Deal, anyone?) to the Jo Bros, and they want potential baes to know about it. These topics popped in Tinder bios in 2019.

Gen Z is True to Themselves

30% more people used Tinder’s More Genders feature this year compared to last, as a way to best reflect their authentic selves. Additionally, usage of the emoji in Tinder bios increased 15%.

Hotlanta is on

As you think about vacation plans in 2020, consider meeting Gen Z in some of the fastest growing cities for swiping including Atlanta, Orlando, San Diego, Dallas-Ft. Worth and Philly.

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