Swipe™ Sunday kicks off the busiest dating season of the year
Tinder partners with experts to share top tips to put your best foot forward this peak summer dating season

AUSTRALIA, Sydney, December 19, 2023: The first Sunday in January is known as “Dating Sunday”, aka Swipe Sunday, and is one of the busiest days of the year on dating apps as singletons bring their new year energy and intentions into their quest for making new connections.

In fact, new data from Tinder reveals the number of Likes increases by 18.2% and the number of DMs sent increases by 22% on Swipe Sunday, and from then until Valentine’s Day (aka New Year, New Boo Season) there are 11.4 million more messages sent globally compared with the rest of the year, and a stunning 58.7 million more likes sent compared to the rest of the year.

Swipe Sunday is coming up on January 7th and for many singles this is the perfect moment to get their Tinder profiles ready for peak dating season. According to Tinder’s data, 

519 bios are edited and 2,263 photos are added to Tinder profiles every minute during this time.2

It’s no secret that 2024 will herald a new age in the dating scene and a continued departure from conventional relationship cycles. Tinder’s latest Year in Swipe report shows that 2023 was the year of dating “For the Plot”, with singles less concerned with where their relationship was heading, and were more concerned with creating memorable experiences and opportunities - also known as N.A.T.O Dating (a.k.a. Not Attached To Outcomes)

To help singletons live their best main character lives and stand out from the crowd, Tinder has teamed up with Sera Bozza, dating coach and founder of Sideswiped, and Kelly McCarren, podcast host (who met her husband on Tinder), to compile a Swipe Sunday summer crush tip kit. From attracting a match with the best profile pics, to crafting the perfect bio, starting a convo and keeping the rizz rolling into an IRL date, Tinder’s experts have singles covered.


Kirsty Dunn, Tinder Australia spokesperson, said “Whether you’re looking for the one or simply looking for new experiences, Swipe Sunday is prime time to update your Tinder profiles, including getting Photo and ID Verified, and to set your dating goals and intentions to help you make new connections.”


Dating coach and journalist, Sera Bozza, provided her conversational expertise for singles, saying “The start of the year and peak Aussie summer is the best time to be single and get into the dating game. Why?  Everyone is on holiday with more time to chat and connect. The real trick to transforming your in-app spark to an IRL date is to ask better questions. Ditch the standard 'what do you do' and dive deeper into the 'whys' and 'hows.' Ask and share more stories, not facts, and you'll find it will lead to much better summer dating stories for you too.”


Sera Bozza’s Convo Tips: How to keep the chemistry rolling

1. Variety builds trust and sparks curiosity. 

2. Are your filters deal breakers, or just preferences? 

3. Fill your bio with green flags, not red!

4. Less isn’t more. Show you’re serious!

5. Turn facts into stories to bring your bio to life.

6. Mirror your match’s messaging style for conversation that flows.

7. Keep your profile fresh and ditch what isn’t working.

8. Aim for quality over quantity.

9. Cut the digital chase and meet IRL.

10. Elevate your banter with open ended questions.


Beauty guru, Kelly McCarren, is at the top of the game in all things beauty and style and knows better than anyone how important a good first impression is when it comes to attracting a hot date. Kelly said “With so many people out there looking for connections during this peak period,  there’s no more important time to really put your best foot forward and make sure you’re ready to go with some good profile pics and a punchy bio.”


Kelly McCarren’s Dating Tips: First impressions are everything

1. Choose the best photos, in natural light, for your profile.

2. If taking new pics, make sure the camera lens on your phone is clean! 

3. Build out your bio to attract your type.

4. Ditch the generic opening line for something relevant to their bio.

5. Put in the work - a date won’t fall from the sky.

6. Lock in a first date as soon as you’re comfortable.

7. Prioritise your safety at every moment of dating.

8. Strategise your date ideas so that the vibe is right.


For Tinder’s full Swipe Sunday summer crush tip kit, visit HEREKelly’s Dating Do’s can be accessed here and Bozza’s Bite-Sized Tips are here.





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