Tinder members turn to ‘affor-dates’ as frugal flirting catches on
Love might not cost a thing, but young singles looking to date as prices rise are definitely feeling the pressure.

Tinder called it early last year in March: in The Future of Dating report, the world’s most popular dating app noted how post-pandemic, singles increasingly preferred more casual and creative first-date activities to the traditional wine-and-dine. Affordability was a major benefit with 6 in 10 young adult singletons# saying that going “outside was expensive”. Simple dates became a popular choice made by Aussie Tinder members last year. In fact, mentions of ‘coffee date’ in Tinder bios grew by nearly 25%* in 2021 compared to 2020, as daters looked for cheaper ways to see if there’s a connection with a potential match. 


And affor-dates (affordable dates) are about to stay attractive. 


Mentions of “inflation” in Tinder bios globally increased almost five-fold (4.6x)** year on year, and is only looking to grow further as it hit an all-time high this July**. In Australia, mentions of “inflation” in Tinder bios has increased almost seven-fold (6.8x)***, and “cost of living” almost five-fold (4.7x)***. There was also a 36%*** increase for ‘cheap dates’ being mentioned in Aussie members’ bios, and a 16%*** increase of ‘split bills’. Some young daters have taken the pressures of rising costs with a good dose