SFW: Tinder Launches New Office-Friendly Swiping Hack

As students and much of the remote workforce head back - at least partially - to their desks, the transition from kitchen counter to watercooler is sure to be a rough one. And while Tinder can’t help you relearn how to wear something other than trackies to meetings, or wake up more than three minutes before your morning video call, the #1 dating app is helping members transition back to office life by revamping its Desk Mode feature, so members can continue to swipe confidently - and inconspicuously - at their desk. 

A recent survey of dating app users revealed that nearly a third (30%) have swiped during meetings and almost half (47%) prefer to match and chat with others on company time rather than their own. The feature is especially useful for the brave 32% that have even met up with a match IRL while working from home, showing there’s always time for sparking new connections.

Available now, here’s a quick how-to for those that want to master the art of multitasking and nail that work/life balance:

  • Members everywhere will be able to access Desk Mode anytime by logging into Tinder on their desktop. 
  • In that heart-pounding moment when a pesky boss or chatty coworker appears over your shoulder mid-flirt, members can click the briefcase icon in the upper righthand corner.
  • This briefcase button swiftly prompts a mock report to appear on screen, turning the close call into an instant sigh of relief.