Love in the Year of the Ox: This Lunar New Year, Tinder Reveals What’s In Store for Every Chinese Zodiac Sign in 2021


Sydney, February 10 2021: After the sh*t show that was 2020, there’s nothing like looking to the cosmic powers above to get as much insight into what 2021 holds. Most of us are all over our star signs (shout out to the brutally honest Co-Star for helping) but as the age-old saying goes, two zodiacs are better than one! It’s time to give your Chinese Zodiac some attention cause bby we are going to need all the guidance we can get this year. 


When it comes to making new connections, the rules of the Universe most definitely apply and there’s no better time to seek out pop-astro inspiration for new beginnings than right before the Lunar New Year. 


This year, Year of the Ox officially begins from February 12, bringing every Zodiac sign a new year of hope, opportunities and challenges. Tinder has consulted with a renowned numerologist based in Taiwan and Zodiac guides, revealing how each sign will fare in luck and love in the year of the Ox as well as all the tips and tricks to find the perfect match.


For those not in the know, in the Chinese zodiac system, each year is represented by one of 12 animals - including a mythical dragon , with 12 years forming a full cycle. And on the 13th year, the cycle starts all over again.


From Rat to Pig, check out all the tips and tricks to find the perfect match below (supporting imagery here): 





You are a Rat if you were born in 1972 / 1984 / 1996



Positivity is a mindset, mate! This year, your luck in love might not be the most smooth-sailing, because of negative thoughts which have manifested into a reality. As a Rat, you’re are social butterfly  and very well-liked, so embrace your authentic self and be unapologetically you! Take your charm to Tinder and don’t hesitate to give your matches a timely response. We are sure you already have a full arsenal of witty openers so go forth and use them to give your chats new life. 

  • Lucky Colours: Black, Blue and Grey -  a LBD or a sharp black blazer is *always* a good idea on your profile 

  • Lucky Matches: Rats sniff out your perfect match in a Monkey or Dragon

  • Lucky Swipe Hours: 1 AM - 3 AM - you may be a Rat but being a night owl will also help you find those premium connections



You are an Ox if you were born in 1961 / 1973 / 1985 / 1997



It’s your year! People born in the year of the Ox are known to be patient and methodical - good traits to bring into 2021 and your social life! As an Ox, you're also known for your reliability and the best way to showcase that is verify your profile with Photo Verification - it’s a great way to give potential matches confidence that you are who you are, and ready to match! Your sharp opinions make for interesting bios and conversation openers so go ahead and keep your matches banter strong! 

  • Lucky Colour: Red. Wear a red lip  in your profile picture or accessorise with some red kicks