Three Dumped Islanders join Tinder for a second chance to find their match...

This Monday November 29, three Dumped Islanders from the Love Island Australia Villa will be joining the world’s most popular dating app, Tinder and the exclusive in-app experience, ‘Swipe Island’, looking for another chance to find their lucky match.

Between 6pm-11pm on Monday, Aussie Tinder members will have the final chance to participate in the virtual ‘Swipe Island’ experience and match with ex Villa babes including Emily, Rachael and Nicolas.

Check out the Dumped Islanders’ Tinder bios and quotes below to get the inside scoop on what they are looking for, including Rachael who is looking for someone to beat at Mario Kart, Emily, who is a big fan of pet pics, and Nicolas, who wants someone who can make him smile.

Rachael said: “​​I may have fallen a little short in the Love Island Australia department this year because I didn’t find my tall dorky sweetheart... But that’s OK, because your girl is getting back out there! I’m still looking for that spark, except this time on Tinder! I’m looking for someone who is into their movies - extra points if you can quote Harry Potter or Star Wars. Someone who’s got great banter, a great sense of humour and can keep a conversation going. If you feel like we’re compatible, jump onto Tinder and maybe we can match!”

Emily is also excited to be joining Tinder: “Even though I didn’t find someone special during my time in the Villa, it doesn’t mean that I’m ready to stop looking. I’ve dusted off my Tinder profile, I’m ready to make my next match and my profile is verified so everyone will know it’s the real me. I’ll be matching with people who have really creative Tinder bios that capture my attention and really showcase personality, profiles where you’re not hiding in between people in a group shot because I want to know who you are, and I’m always a fan of pet pics - I was obsessed with the Villa chickens.”

Nicolas said: “Unfortunately, I didn’t find love in the Villa, but that’s not going to stop my search for love. This Monday, Tinder is doing Swipe Island, where you might be able to match with me and some of the other Love Island Australia contestants. I’m going to be looking for profiles that make me laugh, so chuck some cheeky photos up and maybe some funny pick up lines in the bio. I want someone who can make me smile or can make me smile. I’m a big family guy, so I just want someone I can bring home to my family and have an amazing time together. That’s a massive thing for me.”

Find Emily, Rachael and Nicolas on Swipe Island:

Whilst Emily, Rachael and Nicolas might have been dumped from Love Island Australia, you can now match with them over on Swipe Island, Tinder’s in-app experience this Monday, 29 November November between 6pm-11pm. 

Once on Swipe Island, Tinder members can match and chat with other fans of the show, the Dumped Islanders and also with ex-Islanders from Love Island Australia Seasons 1 and 2, including Millie Fuller and Teddy Briggs.

How Swipe Island Works:

  1. To get to Swipe Island, Tinder members can keep an eye out for special Swipe Cards and in-app messages.
  2. Once on Swipe Island, members will be able to match with other fans of the show as well as participating Ex-Love and Dumped Islander contestants who are on Tinder.