Queensland Police and Tinder match to empower people to date safely

Commissioner Katarina Carroll officially launched the Queensland Police Service’s joint safety campaign with Tinder today.

The campaign which features messaging to increase awareness of personal safety, offender behaviour, reporting and support options is the first of its kind, co-branded in partnership with Match Group’s Tinder.

The campaign will see messaging delivered to Queenslanders using the Tinder app, with the aim of proactively promoting tailored safety messaging to people.

With the popularity of technology and social applications increasing, Commissioner Carroll said the timing of this campaign was important.

“We see from our data that sexual assaults linked to online apps are becoming more frequent. We’ve seen a steady increase in the past 10 years, mirroring the evolving way we use technology,” Commissioner Carroll said.

“This campaign is about empowering people to use these platforms safely.

“We want people to know that we are here, we want them to be safe and if something unwanted happens, they are not alone. Support and reporting options are available. 

“We’re also sending a message to potential offenders. We will not tolerate violations of people’s safety or criminal behaviour.

“In a situation where someone is sexually assaulted, the only person to blame is the offender and we will support anyone who makes the decision to report what has happened to them.

“We can all take simple steps to raise the standards and send the message that sexual assault and violence will not be tolerated.”

Buddy Loomis, Senior Director of Law Enforcement Ops and Investigations of Match Group said this joint effort with the Queensland Police Service was about sending a strong message.

“Today we’re taking an even stronger stand that harassment, offensive and violating behaviour have no place on Tinder,” Ms Loomis said.

“Our members’ safety is of utmost importance and we’re excited to be partnering with Queensland Police to spread that important message, and empower the Tinder community to be safe, feel supported, and take action against users who are unwilling to act responsibly.”

More campaign information is available here:

If you’ve experienced sexual assault, it is not your fault and you are not alone. There are multiple ways to report what has happened to you depending on your situation.

If there’s an immediate danger, call Triple Zero (000). You can also report online via:, over the phone or face to face at a police station.

There are also Alternative Reporting Options available depending on your situation.

We also encourage Tinder users to review the safety tips and the safety and reporting page. You can also refer to the Australian Safety Centre that includes local resources, articles, guides and information about safety that is available and can be accessed in-app, any time.

For confidential information, counselling and support, call the State-wide Sexual Assault Helpline on 1800 010 120 or 1800 RESPECT for 24-hour help.