When It Comes To Love, Tinder Members Are Looking To The Universe
Perfect Matches May Be Written In The Stars (As Well As Your Profile)

Sydney, February 14, 2020 - While it may seem that the world’s Mercury is in a perpetual state of retrograde, Australians are still looking to the Universe when it comes to the search for ever-elusive cosmic order in 2020. The same can be said for Aussies searching for their perfect matches with astrological signs consistently appearing as one of the top profile features on Tinder. In fact, In Australia, 18-25 yr olds are 29% more likely to call out a star sign than those over 25.

But what does your star sign really say about you? And your dating compatibility with other Tinder members? Putting aside the recent discovery of Ophiuchus (who is she?) Leo’s are most likely to shout their sign from the rooftops, while discreet Capricorn are least likely to put their sign in their bio.

We’ve looked at global Tinder data (and consulted a couple of astrologer mates) to find out just how effective swiping for the stars can be and, heads up, you probably won’t want to be swiping right on your own zodiac sign brothers or sisters anytime soon (unless it’s you, Taurus). Here are our findings:

Aries: Most likely to match with: Libra. 

Even on Tinder, Aries want to look like a boss. They’re more likely to list ‘manager’ as their job. Potential matches be warned: this natural born leader will likely want to lead the way. These confident catches max out on the photos they show and can’t help but tout how ‘lit’ they are. They also can’t help but talk about themselves: their bios are crammed with every interest you can think of, with honorable mention to ‘podcasts’ and ‘hiking’. 

Taurus: Most likely to match with: Taurus 

When it comes to dating, Tauruses know exactly what they want (themselves). Not only do they Swipe the most (it seems they’re quite bull-ish when it comes to finding love), Tauruses are also the fastest to respond to messages (say it with me, e-ffic-ien-cy). Better yet, they’re one of the signs most likely to swipe right. Tauruses are one of the top signs to include both ‘food’ and ‘drinks’ in their bio, so be prepared to wine and dine your next Taurus Tinder match. 

Gemini: Most likely to match with: Aquarius.

Geminis broadcast their up for anything nature by touting emojis like , and in their bio. So if you choose to swipe on a Gemini, have your adventure game ready. These social butterflies are ready to party all night, which may explain why you might find them bartending (most likely to list as their job of any sign) or belting out their top Spotify anthem ‘Roxanne’. Sadly for Aquarius, however, Geminis are least likely to swipe right. 

Cancer: Most likely to match with: Aquarius

To catch one of these supportive empaths, bring your ‘real’ and ‘genuine’ self - qualities they name check in their bios. And if they don’t reply to your message right away, don’t worry, it’s not you. Cancers are among the slowest in responding to messages - probably a result of trying to text with crab claws...

Leo: Most likely to match with: Aries.

Leos may be vain, but when it comes to Tinder, they’re definitely at the top of the dating game. They’re most likely to swipe right…. talk about a fire sign. And fittingly, Leos are also the most likely to name their sign in their bio and by more likely, we mean 2x more (Leos love being Leo). Speaking of being on top, Leos are the only sign to list CEO as their top job. And in case you didn’t already know they’re extra, they’re also most likely to ‘Flex’ in their bios (because Leos love being Leo).

Virgo: Most likely to match with: Scorpio.

This shy sign is least likely to call out their sign in their bio. If you’re on the prowl for a Virgo, look for them to call out their ‘hardworking’ nature. If you’re ‘spontaneous’, looking to ‘explore’ or ‘high key’, expect Virgos to steer clear: these terms are least likely to make their way into a Virgo profile. 

Libra: Most likely to match with: Aries.

While other signs may look to the stars for love, Libras look to the scales. Pragmatic in life and in love, Libras appreciate balance, logic and authenticity, which is probably why they are the most likely sign to have ‘authentic’ in their bio. They know how to get things done and have a higher right swipe rate to prove it. 

Scorpio: Most likely to match with: Virgo

These passionate, often-mistaken fire signs can’t even keep themselves straight - you’ll find them touting their inner on their bio. Tap into their determined, resourceful nature: Scorpios often identify as ‘entrepreneurs’ in their bio. They also show their passion in their swipe: they have amongst the highest swipe rate of any signs. But then they like to slow things down: they take among the longest to respond to a message. 

Sagittarius: Most likely to match with Capricorn

These idealists are not easily impressed. They’re among the least likely to swipe right, but once you’ve matched, get ready for action. They move quickly from match to first message, showing they aren’t afraid to make the first move. They advertise their “spontaneity” and “fun” spirit in their profile, in hopes they’ll catch the attention of someone who can keep up. 

Capricorn: Most likely to match with: Sagittarius

Capricorns might be hard to catch on Tinder, but if you find one of these profoundly intelligent partners, it’s worth the work. They’re ambitious, frequently touting their “hardworking” nature in their bios, which doesn’t leave them with much time for swiping. They have the fewest swipes (right or left) of any sign. 

Aquarius: Most likely to match with: Sagittarius

Humanitarian activist Aquarians put their call out for a partner with words like ‘volunteer’ and ‘climate change’. They’re most likely to call themselves artists or use terms like ‘music’, ‘concert’ and ‘museum’ in their bio. So it’s no wonder Aquarians swipe right less often than other signs; another climate-marching, museum-hound combo isn’t exactly easy to find. 

Pisces:  Most likely to match with: Aquarius. 

Pisces are all about the feelings - and they like to catch them too, though they may be low key about it. The emotional and intuitive Pisces want people to know they find the world inside their head just as interesting as the one outside. This may be the reason why they are the slowest sign to respond to messages, but you know their response will be thoughtful. And while Pisces are the least likely to mention their sign in their profile, they are the most likely to broadcast their job as an “artist” - their ruling planet is Neptune afterall.